Sunday, 23 November 2008

Movie Review - High School Musical 3

Well i thought it would take away the monumentality of our first review by reviewing the teen favourite High School Musical 3. I guess the negativity of that first comment tells you about my experience with this film. I need to make it clear, it's not the plot, acting, directing or even the mind numbing cheesy smiles that occur throughout this film that bother me, it's the stereotypical characters and obvious twists which disappoint me the most. Maybe i should've expected them however either way its recurring theme in this movie and to my knowledge, the whole franchise.

The second i entered the cinema i knew i wasn't going to enjoy it. The fact that the majority of the cinema was filled with under 14 year olds needing booster seats to watch High School Musical 3 was my first clue. However from the beginning i was able to predict the next events of the film and to an extent some of the dialogue. I admit i found myself slightly engrossed with the film and it does do a good job keeping you interested throughout it however to an extent this is just confirming what you already expect to happen. Another positive note about the film is its terrific choreography and impressive singing sequences which are very well acted and sung but despite this the main acting in the movie is sub-par and it is these sort of performances which are casting (subtle humor) doubts on Zac Efrons potential future as a "serious" actor. Despite this im sure the majority of people who watch High School Musical 3 will enjoy it, aslong as they put aside any thoughts of a serious storyline or emotive performance.

Well to be honest that is the my general conclusion. However if you have to sacrifice a serious storyline or emotive performance to enjoy a film what does that really say about the film? Either way im sure the film will make a lot of money, win plenty of MTV Movie Awards and tempt the producers into making another one. The only difficult decision is what to rate this movie out of 10 and sickeningly enough il have to go with an above average 6 due to the barely enjoyable experience yet impressive dance sequences. There are better movies out there but you could watch worst than High School Musical 3.

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