Monday, 24 November 2008

Music Review - Skindred - Roots, Rock, Riot

Many will not have heard of Skindred however i felt as if our first album review should set out our intentions which conincidentally are to promote obscure, relatively unknown music aswell as review popular albums. Therefore were better to start than a Welsh 'Ragga-metal' band? Roots Rock Riot is the follow up to Skindreds debut album Babylon. It features 12 songs and has so far spawned two singles (Ratrace and Trouble). The majority of people would instantly say that they didn't like 'Ragga-Metal' music and that is quite understandable seeing as how unpopular and unknown the genre is. However if you forget about pigeonholing the band and just listen to Skindreds music you may be pleasantly surprised and discover that they're music isn't as obscure as you would assume. Anyway, onto Roots Rock Riot...

The album has a very strong opening. The first three tracks would certainly be amongst the best Skindred have ever written and fortunately two out of these three have been released as singles. However it is after this we start to see Skindreds more alternative side. Songs such as 'State of Emergency' or 'Destroy the Dancefloor' are anything but mainstream and initially are not very likeable but they'll grow on you to the point were after a few listens you will see yourself trying to sing along to some of Benji Webbe's incomprehensible lyrics. After this the album admittedly goes a bit hit-and-miss. While they're experimental style does provide some enjoyable songs it also conjours up some unimpressive, out of sync songs like 'Spit Out The Poison' and 'Ease Up' which will leave a bitter taste in your mouth to an extent.

Overall i would say that that will be the general consensus of Roots Rock Riot. There are some moments of sheer brilliance and it is an improvement on 'Babylon' however the second half of the album leaves a lot to be desired and prevents it from being a masterpiece yet they're still not in a 'State of Emergency' (need at least one awful pun a review). It is hard to suggest a similar artist due to Skindreds individuality however check them out, you will be surprised by how enjoyable their music is.
Links to songs can be found at the bottom or type in Skindred - Ratrace to the new YouTube broswer application

  1. "Roots Rock Riot"
  2. "Trouble" *RECOMMENDED TRACK*
  3. "Rat Race"
  4. "State of Emergency"
  5. "Alright"
  6. "Destroy the Dancefloor"
  7. "Rude Boy for Life"
  8. "Killing Me"
  9. "Spit out the Poison"
  10. "Cause Ah Riot"
  11. "Ease Up"
  12. "Choices and Decisions"
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